Thursday, June 6, 2013

When I was little, my mom used to sing to me "These are a few of my favorite things": 

"When the dogs bite, when the bees sting, when I am feeling sad, I simple remember a few of my favorite things": 

The clean smell of freshly cut grass, the voluminous clouds in the sky, the sounds of over zealous birds, the earthy smell of freshly planted soil, messy succulent tomatoes, gooey rich brie, the bright mysterious beauty of the stars, the sound of earth beneath your shoes while hiking, brightly colored overgrown hydrangeas. The way that the ocean glistens under the sun, freshly pressed ink on a letter. 

The smile on newly parental faces, meeting their newborn child for the first time, the beautiful wrinkles marking the years on an elderly hand, the inquisitive gaze of a toddler during their 1 year well child exam. All of these things resemble life.

The pleasures both big and small, all influenced by my husband, family, friends and career. I feel       blessed each day to embark on the journey of life with such a supportive crew: 

My husband who is also my best friend, who gets my goofy nature and passion for life. My sister, who resembles the best parts of who I am, and my beautiful mom who created and inspires me. 

My career - my passion and sometimes my biggest challenge. Learning how to multitask, juggling play  and work. 

My experience as a resident physician has made me a better person: The biggest of tasks no longer seem so big. The challenges of life are now put into perspective. 

The human body is way more amazing then I have ever thought. Loving ourselves, our body, mind and soul. Taking time out of the day to appreciate just how amazing of a species we really are. 

The things that we are capable of is inspiring, really. We all have the ability to influence someone's morning, day, month, year or even life. 

A few of my favorite things in life have changed over this past year as a resident and newly wed. I have learned just how precious life is. I have learned to hug those I love for a little while longer. To say "I love you" every chance I get. To never take a kiss, a hug or a smile for granted. 

Sending Health, Happiness and Love as you create your list of favorite things.

~ J.B.